Enviroclad’s Enviropanel is an Insulated Structural Coolroom Panel that is the optimum product for Australians to safely invest in. Our Coolroom Panels are an extremely light weight building product with exceptional strength and versatility. The low cost and fast assembly ensures the lowest building costs with sharp architectural appearance and excellent insulation values.

Enviropanel Coolroom Panel is made and manufactured in our Berri, South Australia factory by a 100% Australian owned company. All of the materials used to create our coolroom panels are of the highest quality including G3000 CRP Grade Colorbond Steel and our standard white Expanded Polystyrene core with a Fire Retardant coating to reach an elite performing ‘R’ Value.

The inside of our Enviropanel Coolroom panel is made with our EPS Core is manufactured on site in Berri with the Fire Retardant coating so that when the EPS is exposed to flame the Fire Retardant coating acts to melt away from the flame and the self-extinguish when the flame is removed from contact.

With the technology of the Flame Retardant EPS core, and the specific modern construction methods, our Enviropanel coolroom panels are an extremely safe and cost effective building solution for whatever your project or ambition. The panels can be used for any construction within its limitations that is not required to be a fire wall. All of our Coolroom Panels are 1200mm wide and the length is custom made, sized to suit your project. We manufacture in a variety of thicknesses from 50mm through to 250mm.

Our Enviropanel coolroom panels remain the most affordable product of anything in its class and with a low overhead processing facility in Berri, South Australia, Enviroclad will make certain it stays that way. With the many benefits, we can supply any enterprise, builder or home handy man for all projects large or small and can be used for a variety of applications including wall and ceiling installations for both internal and external builds.

Being based in Berri, allows us to service all throughout South Australia. Enviroclad has it’s own trucks and deliver almost daily to Adelaide and it’s surrounds. We can deliver all over the state from Port Lincoln all the way down to Mount Gambier. We also deliver into Rural Victoria including the Sunraysia in North West Victoria region including Mildura and its surrounds through to Robinvale and further beyond.

We work closely with Third Party Freight companies to transport our panels even further throughout Australia. We often freight our Enviropanel coolroom panels into the Northern Territory, from Alice Springs all the way up to Darwin.

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Flexible Delivery Options
We are able to freight throughout the state of South Australia and into Victoria. We also work closely with other freight companies to get you the best possible pricing and service delivering through all of Australia.
Fast & Easy Installation
Our panels have a standard width of 1200mm with interlocking sides that provide for faster installation with less visible joins.
Long Term Thermal Performance
All the materials are of the highest quality including G300 CRP Grade Colorbond Steel with a Fire Retardant EPS Core, with either standard white or Graphite Infused EPS to reach an elite performing ‘R’ value.
Cost Effective Solutions
With a  fast and simple installation process it ensures the lowest building costs with sharp architectural appearance and excellent insulation values. It reduces time on site saving both you and your customer.
Large Spans & Superior Strength
From spans as little as 1800mm all the way up to 16,000mm long, we custom make panels to suit your project.
Design Flexibility
We custom make the panels to suit your project, including wall and ceiling installations for internal and external builds, all with a one step double sided finishing selected from a vast range of Colorbond colours.


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We custom make our panels in a variety of thicknesses from 50mm through to 200mm. Contact us to discuss your projects requirements and we can provide you with a quote