Expanded Polystyrene Voids

Enviroclad Expanded Polystyrene voids are a cost effective, light weight structural fill solution.  They decrease the volume of concrete helping to reduce the overall weight whilst increasing the structure strength. Voids can be used as a temporary application or as part of a formwork system.  Voids are typically used in a variety of applications from roadways, underpasses, shopping centres, bridges, tank cradles, foundation and embankments.  At Enviroclad we manufacture voids to suit your project.

Fast & Easy Installation
Our voids come in a variety of different compressive strengths to suit our projects individual needs.
Reduces Construction Time & Costs
Our Expanded Polystyrene is lightweight making handling on site quick and easy.
Cost Effective
The low cost and fast assembly ensures the lowest building costs with sharp architectural appearance and excellent insulation values.


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