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The Enviroclad Waffle Pod Slab System has been designed to reduce costs, reduce concrete use, reduce slab installation time, and provide a stronger, more stable concrete slab while adding a thermal insulation benefit in the floor of up to R1.0 (W/mK Thermal Resistance). Overall energy consumption is reduced through assisting the house to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

Fast & Easy Installation
Our panels have a standard width of 1200mm with interlocking sides that provide for faster installation with less visible joins.
Reduces Construction Time & Costs
Enviroclad Arctic Steel is 100% Australian made and manufactured by a 100% Australian family owned and operated company
Cost Effective
The low cost and fast assembly ensures the lowest building costs with sharp architectural appearance and excellent insulation values.


Waffle Pod Slab System Brochure

Big Mouth 4 Way Spacers Brochure


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